"Absolutely loved the video. My two year old boy, has found a new favorite, that not only teaches him our native language. but also entertains him. He is happy to see kids that look like him, and I am happy that he is finally using words that I have been trying to teach him for a while!! Like most kids his age, he is a visual learner, and being able to associate pictures with those basic words, has helped reinforce the basic language. Thank you Baby Hindustani!! Great job!!!!"

Mom - Fremont, CA
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"My 2 1/2 year old son loved it. He is very picky on what shows he watches on TV. So it was really nice to see that he was able to sit through the whole video. A great video!"

Mom - Foster City, CA
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"My kids have been really enjoying Baby Hindustani over the last few months and I wanted to let you know that the quality of your product is great. As you know, there is little available in the diaspora or South Asia in regional languages that is appropriate, educational and entertaining for young children."

Mom of 3 yr and 1 yr old, Nyack, NY
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"My kids have thoroughly enjoyed the video and I plan on showing it to my brother's family as well. It's very well done and catches the attention of all children. Both my son who is 3 and my daughter who is 7 months enjoy it very much."

Mom, Aurora, IL
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"I have an 18 month old daughter who has been watching the baby hindustani Exploring Hindi DVD for around 4 months now. She is totally thrilled with the DVD and it had become a daily ritual for her to see it. And I must also add that just by seeing it so many times she has learnt all the words from it. I just wanted to thank you for your attempt to make this such a wonderful medium for kids to learn different languages. I am gujarati and I wanted my daughter to learn hindi and this DVD has really helped me achieve that goal."

Mom, Orlando, Florida
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"We have viewed Hindi Alphabet many times ... and, absolutely, love it! Even my parents have watched it with my daughter! It is great to learn the alphabet but yet also important to see and listen to corresponding words that start with each letter. You have utilized a wonderful technique because children do learn through more through repetition. The little songs in between are cute and add a little break in between to keep my daughter's attention. I have been recommending your DVD to friends. Please continue to create more for our children! "

Varsha S, Windermere, FL
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"My 3.5 year old loves this DVD. We talk to him in Hindi and Gujarati at home, now he's almost mastered all of the Hindi Alphabet! This is exactly what I have been looking for!"

Apoorva K, San Ramon, CA
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"I really like the DVD a lot. My son who is 3 years has starting picking up a lot of words and is interested in learning more. I like the examples and the simplistic way things are portrayed. It makes learning fun and easy. I like the poems. This DVD is very words focused and that is a very good beginning. I am looking forward to more products from you."

Ashi S, Coral Springs, FL
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"Loved your Hindi DVD for my kids so much, I ordered one for my cousin. Hope you do a follow up Hindi DVD with new words. We need more!"

Sadhna B - Mom of 6 yrs and 3 yrs old, Westlake Village CA.
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"I just got the DVD today! My 20-month old son is watching it right now! We are so thrilled that this DVD is available - please do let us know if you develop more products like this one."

Mom, Chantilly, Virginia
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"Amazing DVD!! My 20 mth old daughter watches the DVD a lot. Some of her favorites are rabbit coming out of hat, monkey, quack, quack with twinkle twinkle little star music. Good job!"

Pratibha M, Mountain View, CA
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"I had been looking for something like this, so I was very happy that someone finally took the trouble to make it! After just a couple of viewings, my four year old was able to piece together simple phrases. For instance, the other day she saw "two black birds" in the park and was able to put the words together in Hindi. My one year old enjoys the visuals and has already picked up a few words. Overall, its a quality product and a lot of thought went into the content and presentation. The voiceovers are clear and understandable, which is critical with this sort of video. I think it's nice to see Indian kids onscreen, just having fun and being kids! Moreover, it's inspired us all to use some Hindi in our daily conversations - I'm learning along with the kids."

Mom, Fremont, CA
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"My grand child (21 months old) has already decided that Anya is her friend. She loves the Exploring Hindi and Learn Hindi Alphabet DVDs, and has already picked up some words and sentences. Keep up the good work. "

Raj A, Canada
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"These videos are excellent! The multiple visual applications of each vocabulary word are ingenious. My children watch this 1-2 times a week to build vocabulary, and they love the music! Thank you for filling an important gap in the country for South Asians growing up here. Having educational tools like this to assist in rearing and educating children is an unexpected plus!"

Tamil Mom - New Jersey
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"We purchased the Exploring Telugu DVD for our children. We are Caucasian in origin, and have no previous experience or exposure to the spoken Telugu language; and no direct contact with anyone in the East Indian culture. We have spent our entire life in America, and purchased the DVD so that our children might learn a bit of the Telugu language as a part of their home school curriculum. (We are currently studying the cultures of India.) What an amazing DVD! After only one time viewing the DVD, our children (ages 8 and 9) were already counting to ten in Telugu, and our 2 year old daughter was attempting to use Telugu words for her favorite pictures in the DVD! Amazing! Imagine if the child's parents ALSO spoke Telugu fluently! There would be no limit to how quickly a child could pick up the language! I highly recommend this series; and yes...my wife and I have also learned quite a bit of the Telugu language from the DVD as well. Maybe in the future you could produce similar DVD's for school age children and even adults! "

Daniel Griswell, Phoenix City, AL
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"My one year old, who can never sit still, runs to the television set and plants himself in front it when he hears the Baby Hindustani theme music. It is a real lifesaver when I need to get some cooking or cleaning done, and I don't feel guilty since he is learning something. He has already picked up a few words after watching it a few times!"

Mom, San Jose, California
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"My children have now watched the dvd a few times over and they have both been glued through out the duration. I have certainly been impressed too. I wonder will you be producing another one, as it would be nice to see the next step up for the children to learn."

Mom of Jay (age 6) and Holli (age 2), Essex, United Kingdom
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"I received my Exploring Gujarati DVD and my daughter watches it over and over again. She's two and it's so great to see her learning words in Gujarati being that I'm a little challenged in speaking it myself. I would love if you guys continued the series with more vocabulary and phrases, for instance, the parts of the body. I could use all the help I can get. Thanks for creating a product like this. I'm very thankful I found it."

Mom, Los Angeles, CA
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"We tried the Gujarati DVD that teaches numbers, colors etc. It is very nice. I would like my children to learn Gujarati visually. I have tried teaching them Gujarati by putting them in Gujarati classes but have been unsuccessful. The visual effect of video is very beneficial - they keep on repeating as they hear and see"

Mom, Fremont, CA
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"I just received the Baby Hindustani - Exploring Gujarati. It's great! I actually learned a word or two."

Rita B, Santa Clara CA
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"We love the video, and hope you'll make a sequel! I'll be sure to recommend it to all my friends."

Alpa K, Mom of 1 and 3 yrs old, Spencerport, NY
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"The DVD was excellent. My kids have learned so much from watching the DVD. It is hard for us to consistently talk in Gujarati as we were not born nor raised in India. The DVD is a wonderful way for them to learn some words. "

Pallavi P, Malone NY
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"I love it and I am glad I purchased it!"

Heather B, Howell, MI
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"I was thrilled to read about your work in this week's India West. You are making an important contribution to the continuity of language and thereby culture in new generations of expatriate Indian families. I also enjoyed the fact that you incorporated Mozart into the background. It is true that listening to such music helps children to become very still and focus which helps their learning and neural integration process. Research indicates this. It is also good to see this east-west mix in your thinking and approach, as it supports the context in which young Indian American children are growing up and perhaps the context that the global world is increasingly creating for all children."

Leena Banerjee, Ph.D., Professor, California School of Professional Psychology-Los Angeles, California
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