Learn Hindi Alphabet introduces Hindi letters through interactive quizzes, playful children, catchy songs and familiar rhymes. In this award-winning DVD, children learn to recognize and sound out Hindi letters and associate each letter with an object and its beginning sound. As a bonus, children will also learn to name the parts of their body.

This DVD builds on Exploring Hindi and has almost 70 new vocabulary words.


By watching Learn Hindi Alphabet, children will:

  1. Identify, name and sound out all vowels and consonants
  2. Test their knowledge by taking Interactive Quizzes
  3. Sing catchy Alphabet Songs
  4. Recite familiar Hindi Nursery Rhymes
  5. Learn 70 new vocabulary words for familiar objects
  6. Name the parts of their body
  7. Build on Exploring Hindi
  8. Enjoy classical compositions by famous composers


Vowels and Consonants
In this DVD, Vowels and Consonants are covered in two separate chapters. In each section, letters are repeated multiple times. Furthermore, children will learn to associate each letter with one or more familiar objects.
For example: Aa for Aam (mango), Gh for Ghar (house).


Interactive Quizzes
By taking the Interactive Quizzes in the Features Menu of the DVD, children can practice saying the letters and test their knowledge. The Quiz Menu has two sections – Beginner and Advanced, each containing six quizzes.

In the Beginner Quiz, children will see an object clip and will select the beginning letter of that object.
In the Advanced Quiz, children will see a letter and will select the object that starts with that letter.

Alphabet Songs
In this DVD, there are two songs – Vowel Song and Consonant Song. They were composed by Ehsaas, known for creating an unique fusion of poetry and melodies.

These songs with their catchy tune and fun lyrics will have your child humming and singing along as well as help them remember the letters.


Hindi Nursery Rhymes
Popular Hindi nursery rhymes like “Machali Jal Ki Rani Hai” will capture your child’s imagination.


Vocabulary Words
There are almost 70 familiar, everyday objects shown in this DVD. Thus along with learning the Hindi Alphabet, kids will also enhance their vocabulary.


Body Parts
In this DVD, parts of the body like eyes, hair, knees, etc, are shown in fun way, along with an amusing Body Parts Rhyme.


Building on Exploring Hindi
If you like Exploring Hindi, this DVD would be a great addition to it, since it covers 70 new vocabulary words, beyond what was covered in Exploring Hindi.


Classical Compositions
Studies show that there is a close connection between music and language. Early exposure to music improves language, memory and spatial development and enhances concentration. Music also helps babies and children relax, which in turn makes them more receptive to learning.

Learn Hindi Alphabet has beautiful compositions from famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Antonin Dvorak and more!


Parents in over 25 countries are effectively using Baby Hindustani's products to teach and entertain their children. Here is what they are saying:

"I really like the DVD a lot. My son who is 3 years has starting picking up a lot of words and is interested in learning more. I like the examples and the simplistic way things are portrayed. It makes learning fun and easy. I like the poems. This DVD is very words focused and that is a very good beginning. I am looking forward to more products from you."
Ashi S, Coral Springs, FL

"We have viewed Hindi Alphabet many times ... and, absolutely, love it! Even my parents have watched it with my daughter! It is great to learn the alphabet but yet also important to see and listen to corresponding words that start with each letter. You have utilized a wonderful technique because children do learn through more through repetition. The little songs in between are cute and add a little break in between to keep my daughter's attention. I have been recommending your DVD to friends. Please continue to create more for our children! "
Varsha S, Windermere, FL

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