Exploring Telugu introduces basic vocabulary and rich sounds of Telugu through playful children, vibrant everyday objects, colors and numbers. Children will learn to count from 1-10, identify basic colors, name common objects that they see in their everyday environment, while listening to the beautiful and stimulating music of Mozart.


By watching Exploring Telugu, children will:

  1. Enhance their vocabulary by naming common objects
  2. Learn basic Antonyms
  3. Learn to recognize colors
  4. Learn to recognize numbers and count objects
  5. Put together objects, colors and numbers to form simple phrases
  6. Enjoy classical compositions of Mozart

Research has shown that an early exposure to visual aids provides children with building blocks needed for language development.
Learning is more effective when a child sees an object on screen and hears the word for that object.

By watching Exploring Telugu, children will learn and name about 30 common objects that they see in their everyday environment.
Each word is shown 3 times, each time in a different context, thus providing repetition and visual information about how the object is used.


In this DVD, children will learn basic Antonyms used in daily life.
For example: open/close, front/back.


In this DVD, children will learn to recognize colors (red, blue, green, yellow, black and white) by themselves and in association with an object.
For example, they will learn about yellow bananas, green grapes and white eggs.


In this DVD, children will learn to recognize numbers from 1-10 and how to count objects.
For example, they will count six bananas as they are placed one by one.


Simple Phrases
In the last segment of the DVD, objects, numbers and colors are all put together to form simple phrases.
For example, bananas (Objects), yellow (colors), six (numbers) are put together to form six yellow bananas.


Classical Compositions
Studies show that there is a close connection between music and language. Early exposure to music improves language, memory and spatial development and enhances concentration. Music also helps babies and children relax, which in turn makes them more receptive to learning.

Exploring Telugu has beautiful, familiar and soothing compositions from Mozart. Did you know that the well-loved rhyme "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" is actually a Mozart composition!


Parents in over 25 countries are effectively using Baby Hindustani's products to teach and entertain their children. Here is what they are saying:

"My one year old, who can never sit still, runs to the television set and plants himself in front it when he hears the Baby Hindustani theme music. It is a real lifesaver when I need to get some cooking or cleaning done, and I don't feel guilty since he is learning something. He has already picked up a few words after watching it a few times!"
Mom, San Jose, California

"We purchased the Exploring Telugu DVD for our children. We are Caucasian in origin, and have no previous experience or exposure to the spoken Telugu language; and no direct contact with anyone in the East Indian culture. We have spent our entire life in America, and purchased the DVD so that our children might learn a bit of the Telugu language as a part of their home school curriculum. (We are currently studying the cultures of India.) What an amazing DVD! After only one time viewing the DVD, our children (ages 8 and 9) were already counting to ten in Telugu, and our 2 year old daughter was attempting to use Telugu words for her favorite pictures in the DVD! Amazing! Imagine if the child's parents ALSO spoke Telugu fluently! There would be no limit to how quickly a child could pick up the language! I highly recommend this series; and yes...my wife and I have also learned quite a bit of the Telugu language from the DVD as well. Maybe in the future you could produce similar DVD's for school age children and even adults! "
Daniel Griswell, Phoenix City, AL

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