Baby Hindustani

Language Development

Children are born with the ability to learn many languages. Thus, it is important to introduce languages early, even before they start speaking.  Research shows that children develop a native pronunciation when a second language is introduced before the age of five.  Moreover, some linguists believe that knowing a second language contributes to a child’s cognitive development and makes them more imaginative and better with abstract ideas.


How Our Products Help

It is hard to maintain a language rich environment, especially when one lives outside India. Our products play an important role in filling this void.  When a child hears his parents speak the language, he learns at a subconscious level, but when he sees the object on screen and hears the word for the object, he makes a conscious connection between the object and the word.

Our DVDs use the Immersion Method, with no English translations. Research shows that the Immersion Method is the best way to teach young children a language. This also helps children attain a native like pronunciation of a language.

Kids GroupOur DVDs use colorful visuals, playful children, popular classical music, original songs, poems and interactive quizzes so children can learn while having fun!


Mission Statement

It is our goal at Baby Hindustani to build high quality, innovative, educational and entertaining products for Indian children.


Story behind Baby Hindustani

Kids GroupRuchira Agarwal quit her software engineering job to take on the role of stay-at-home mom.  As an involved parent of two small children, she wanted her kids to grow up speaking their native language. Unwilling to expose her kids to Bollywood films at an early age, she looked for high quality DVDs that taught Hindi, featured Indian kids and yet were age appropriate. When she couldn’t find any such products, she decided to create them herself. Thus Baby Hindustani was born.