Language is a living reminder of one's heritage and identity. It preserves the richness of our culture and helps children explore their roots. Give your child the priceless gift of understanding and speaking an Indian language.

Baby HindustaniBaby Hindustani produces high quality, innovative, educational and entertaining DVDs that supplement parents’ efforts to teach Indian Languages to their children.

These age appropriate DVDs, use colorful visuals, playful children, popular classical music and original songs, so kids can learn while having fun.

Parents in over 25 countries are effectively using these products to teach and entertain their children. Here is what they are saying:

"Absolutely loved the video. My two year old boy, has found a new favorite, that not only teaches him our native language. but also entertains him. He is happy to see kids that look like him, and I am happy that he is finally using words..." More

"You are making an important contribution to the continuity of language and thereby culture in new generations of expatriate Indian families. I also enjoyed the fact that you incorporated Mozart into the background. It is true that listening to such music helps children to become very still and focus which helps their learning and neural integration process. Research indicates this...." More

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